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Appeal to all the Comrades of 

SNPWA in connection with 

Membership Verification in BSNL

  •  Jul 12, 2020
                                       My dear beloved Comrades of SNPWA...
                                                    By now, all of you must be aware that the referendum for membership verification of executives in BSNL is to start very shortly. In fact, the process of verification has already been initiated by BSNL Management.
In this context, even though completely needless and uncalled for to mention, we are pretty confident of engaging ourselves in every possible manner, with Comrades of SNEA at all the levels throughout the Country,
 to make it absolutely certain that SNEA not only emerges on top of the list but makes it to the top with flying colors

Having taken our roots in SNEA, undoubtedly and unquestionably, we are just simply committed and bound
 to campaign shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand with our brethren in SNEA to ensure that not only does SNEA retain,
 but considerably improves upon, the unique and highly prestigious position that it is presently occupying in BSNL 
among the executives.We have to keep in mind that the situation this time is slightly more challenging than last time 
since 60% of total executives who opted for VRS were members of SNEA which clearly implies that ,
we have to make strenuous, all out and concerted efforts in close coordination with Comrades of our beloved Organisation, SNEA, to make the victory of SNEA an incredibly resounding success. 
I, therefore, fervently and dispassionately appeal to all the Comrades of SNPWA at all the levels to come out very strongly, and in a truly committed way, in support of SNEA, and campaign vigorously, highlighting unparalleled & unprecedented breakthroughs that SNEA has accomplished since its formation till date, and which shall undoubtedly continue in days to come, and use all our energy and resources to ensure that SNEA retains its pristine glory of being
 sole and vocal voice of executives in BSNL .
Let us come out hand in hand and campaign shoulder to shoulder with our SNEA Comrades to ensure that SNEA continues to be the sole and vocal voice of hold executives in BSNL.
SNEA Zindabad...,
 SNPWA Zindabad...,
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